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Turnkey multiunit charging solutions

We do the work so you don’t have to, with no upfront cost.

We offer

Premium charger hardware

Level 2 chargers from leading charger manufacturers such as Siemens and Delta Electronics. Industry-1st DC fast charger that allows for zero infrastructure upgrades for all applications.

Smart charger management software

Swift Charger's smart charger management software is a cloud service with built-in microgrid power control, allowing 6X peak demand reduction without affecting energy delivery.

End-to-end turnkey service

Everything you need: rebate applications, design, permitting, installation, maintenance, future expansion, and free replacement of faulty chargers.


Why Swift Charge

Swift Charger combines advanced EV charging technology with turnkey Charger-as-a-Service. We help you deploy EV charging stations with minimized cost and effort. 

We will do everything, so you do not have to. 

Minimized Capital Cost

Have limited capital budget? Swift Charge helps you better manage budget by offering CaaS with minimized or even 0 upfront cost, and flexible payment models.

50%+ Reduction in TOC

Our intelligent charging technology, paired with our turnkey CaaS model, reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 50% over 10 years. 

Excellent Scalability for Future Expansion

Our technology allows 4X more chargers to be installed without infrastructure upgrades, so you can scale up your charging station based on actual utilization data.

Peace of Mind & Risk Free

We will take care of everything right from the beginning. We also repair or replace any faulty chargers for free so you don't face the risk from short charger warranty period.

Built for All Applications

Whether you have a small parking lots or manage properties across a large region, Swift Charge is your solution.

Education Institutions


Multi-unit Residential Bldg




Ready to Deploy EV Charging Stations?

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