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Electric Vehicle Charging, Anywhere

An intelligent EV charging network built for today and tomorrow


Level 2 chargers

Quality hardware with proprietary safety measure.

Swift can also source or supply other level 2 chargers if requested by a customer .

Level 2 chargers are commodities, we offer the best level 2 chargers at the most competitive prices.

A wide range of selection that meets requirements of various applications.


  1. Zero-infrastructure upgrades at any location

  2. The only DCFC that can be co-installed with level 2 chargers without extra infrastructure

  3. Scalable DC fast charger from 60kW to 320kW

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Smart charger management platform

All-in-one platform for charger monitoring, control, billing, and analysis


Flexible billing functionality that supports all kinds of public and private charging stations


Integration with 3rd party renewable energy resources

Customer oriented buying options

We provide multiple buying options to always ensure win-win-win with property owners and EV drivers


Ready to join the SWIFT charging network?

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