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APP-less charging experience

  • 10-second payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Charger-as-a-Service
    Risk-free Become cash flow positive from day 1
  • Why Swift Charge
    A charger management platform tailored for hospitality locations Streamline charger deployment and management Help hotel and property owners access new revenue stream beyond EV charging Having both level 2 chargers and DCFCs on premise
  • Job 1 - Location
  • Job 3 - Location
  • Job 2 - Location
  • What is the cost for charging?
    We always provide fair charging prices for EV drivers. Different locations may have different prices. In most locations, our charging services are billed based on the energy delivery time. For certain locations where parking fees are applicable, the charging sessions may be billed based on the plug-in time.
  • How to start charging when the cellular signal is weak?
    Please keep the charger plugged in and make payment when cellular signal is available. The charger will automatically start charging.
  • Do I need an APP or an account to use the chargers?
    No, you do not need an APP or an account to use the chargers in our network.
  • The SWIFT Advantage
    1. Minimized cost for charger deployment 2. Complete insight, control and analysis 3. Peace of Mind
  • An Ideal charging solution designed for:
    - Hospitality and retail - Corporate and academic campuses - Multi-family residential buildings - EV drivers

Customer Support

1 (888) 308-5820

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