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The SWIFT story

Swift Charge is a team of power and renewable energy experts dedicated to making EV driving affordable. Our innovative and patented EV charging technologies are aimed at reducing costs and increasing accessibility. 


The existing power grid was not designed to handle the increasing demand for EV charging. Research shows that within the next 20 years, EV charging will cause a 40% surge in peak power demand, overwhelming the infrastructure. To address this issue, significant investment is required, estimated at $2 trillion over the next 30 years for infrastructure upgrades and an additional $2.7 trillion globally by 2040 for new charging infrastructure.

These extensive construction efforts come with drawbacks, including time-consuming processes, elevated electricity prices, and potentially higher costs of EV ownership compared to traditional vehicles. To overcome these challenges, Swift Charge has developed a cost-effective microgrid technology that caters to various charging applications. Unlike others, we approach EV charging as an integral part of the overall power and energy system, taking a comprehensive and scalable approach.


Our long-term vision is to create a future energy system that integrates renewable energy sources, energy storage, and zero-emission vehicles seamlessly. We invite you to join us in our journey towards this clean and affordable energy future.

The Latest News

Swift Charge aims to provide EV drivers with easy access to charging infrastructures. Destination charging is an important piece of the charging network. With the funding support from SouthGrow and MCCAC program, Swift Charge was able to deploy 8 level 2 chargers at two high traffic locations in Edmonton and Calgary, potentially delivering over 2000 charges annually. With a turnkey service, Swift Charge will maintain and operate the chargers to achieve a 99% uptime.

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